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In Defense of “Insourcing” – Keep Social Media Efforts within a Company

*This was a guest blog post for AMP3 PR. External link here.

The business world is all about results – if a corporation doesn’t see results from a new employee or tactic, why continue to fund those efforts?

I would argue that social media is a bit different.

Some – especially social media experts – might defend the outsourcing of social media efforts. These people are trained to garner Twitter followers and Facebook fans for a company.

The company’s overall discourse must be changed from a declaration to a discussion, and social media is one of the cheapest, easiest and most interactive ways to do that.

If the discourse is to be changed, a conversation has to start.  A conversation is a personal form of communication, and for a personal tone, the communication must come from within the company.

I spoke with Dena Alspach, Group Publisher at Tiger Oak Publications, while working an event hosted by Wisconsin Bride, one of the magazines Tiger Oak publishes.

In an engaging discussion about social media, publishing and the nature of the journalism field altogether, Alspach stressed the need for messages to come from within the company.

Seeing “promoted” tweets generally turns consumers off from your product or brand, Alspach said. Many social media users avert their gaze when they see tweets that are “official” or “corporate” in appearance.

I agree with Alspach – no matter how completely someone is trained in the ways of a company, a third party will never be able to adequately dictate the personal tone that could come from an employee within the company.

Alspach also said that she, along with many others at each respective publication, have access to that publication’s social media outlets. She can update the Wisconsin Bride Twitter account, but so can the art director.

A profit-driven company can see results in social media outlets even without outsourcing their efforts to a third party. Because it is more personal, “insourcing” promotes a conversation with followers.


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