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Girl Talk Promotions

In an effort to break up the monotony that my blog has become, I’ll be writing about something a little different this week.

I’ve been a music fan my whole life. I was raised listening to almost everything – from The Four Tops to Edwin McCain to Hall and Oates. My tastes have evolved through the years (although I still love listening to the aforementioned artists) and I enjoy a little hip-hop or trashy dance music now and then.

So it comes as no surprise that in the past couple years I’ve become a huge fan of mashup music – songs created from blends of other songs, especially “oldies” and hip-hop or pop. The end product is usually quite danceable.

Arguably the most popular mashup DJ is Girl Talk (actually Gregg Gillis), and he will be performing in Madison tonight (3/7/11) at the Alliant Energy Center in what’s bound to be a killer show. The show, which is tied to The Majestic, has been promoted by The Daily Cardinal, one of the student-run newspapers at the University of Wisconsin (and the one I have written for).

I’d like to take a look at how the concert has been promoted by The Daily Cardinal.

For at least the past month, and even during fall semester, I have seen posters all around Madison advertising the event. This is the image that has been used for promotions:

The Daily Cardinal has run advertisements in the paper and Editor-in-chief Emma Roller wrote a quick bit about her experience at the last Girl Talk show at UW on the Daily Cardinal Spring Event Calendar. I also found it funny that there was a sidebar on the page with the poster image advertising the show.

I was surprised that no one from the Daily Cardinal Arts section had previewed the show, however. I’m sure they will have a piece out after the concert.

One thing The Daily Cardinal did right was use Twitter as a form of promotion. Not only did the DC tweet about how to get tickets and promise it would be a show not to miss, it made a fun game out of it all. The Majestic provided the DC with a few sets of tickets to the show, and encouraged follower participation in exchange for two tickets to the show.

The Daily Cardinal gave tickets to: the first one to tweet @dailycardinal using the hashtag #GIRLTALK, the follower who came up with the most creative idea for a mashup, the follower with the most creative favorite Charlie Sheen catchphrase, and the follower with hardest midterm outlook for this coming week.

After the event, Daily Cardinal Arts section had a quick recap of the event, but no pictures which disappointed me. For photos of the event, check out my friend Mark Kauzlarich’s page. He was front and center photographing the event (lucky duck).


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