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Grading (Clarification)

I am grading these social media outlets on how effective I believe they are, I don’t have a standardized grading scale for these posts.

However, the website http://grader.com/ was introduced to me today (by a commenter!), and I think I am going to utilize this service for my blog.

The website “helps you measure and analyze your marketing efforts” by “grading” the reach and authority of a page.

My only qualm is that, while it grades both Facebook and Twitter, it has left MySpace in the dust.

Therefore, I will keep using my grading system for all outlets, but will also post the grader.com grades for Facebook and Twitter. They will not factor in to my overall grade of the musician, and I will look at the grader.com grades after I decide upon my own grades (so as not to skew my opinion).


Jackie OUT.


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