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Music + Social Media Case Study: Andrew Bird

As I mentioned in my ‘About Me’ section, I will be using this blog to explore how musicians use social media, and whether their uses are effective.

Case Study: Andrew Bird

(as of 2/15/11 5:30 p.m.):

Facebook fans: 148,291

MySpace friends: 89,253

Twitter followers: 24,579



Andrew Bird’s Facebook page is pretty average. His posts are mainly about his shows, with a few about his albums as well. He sprinkles in the occasional post urging his fans to get out and vote, or a post about a compilation CD that includes one of his tracks.

He has some basic information listed that includes: band members, record labels, various contacts, his website (http://www.andrewbird.net), and a link to his Twitter page.

It’s interesting to note that he doesn’t post a link to his MySpace page – Facebook and MySpace serve similar functions – but he links his Twitter. Hmm…

There are infinitely many fan posts, as is the case of any musician with a Facebook page.

He also employs an external application, BandPage, which has a music player (Bird uploaded four tracks), upcoming events and an integrated Twitter feed.


Facebook page grade: B

(2/17 update) Grader.com Facebook page grade: 94 percent


The whistling troubadour’s MySpace page is quite filled out. He has multiple photo albums, 136 songs available for purchase, eight videos, upcoming shows, a blog feed, a “stream” that includes Twitter updates and other posts, and a comments box for fans.

However, the design leaves something to be desired, as he has a very plain gray background.


MySpace page grade: A-


Bird’s Twitter page is pretty bare-bones. An extreme majority of his tweets are about his concerts, or tickets to sold-out shows. His Facebook and Twitter are linked so the posts are the same. Yay for synchronization of social media!

Bird has only tweeted 136 times, and his tweets are about one month apart.

One thing I liked about his Twitter page is that he follows many of the people that follow him. He is following 6,470 people, myself included! It really gives a sense of thankfulness for fans. Many artists don’t follow that many people (I know Kanye West was only following Justin Bieber for a while), so this is nice to see.


Twitter page grade: C+

(2/17 update) Grader.com Twitter page grade: 100 percent

Andrew Bird’s overall social media grade: B

Bird uses all three of the social media outlets that I explore, but hasn’t mastered Twitter quite yet. His MySpace page is the strongest by far.

Bird’s social media use isn’t very personal, but with a little more fan interaction he might gather more followers in these outlets and keep fans more interested.


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